A-Z of Countries → Grenada.

Capital: St. George’s.
Location: Caribbean Sea.
Population: 109, 590.


i really liked country georgia and it's capital city tbilisi! post more of pictures please :)

yes i will :)

A-Z of Countries → Greenland

Capital: Nuuk.
Location: North America.
Population: 56,968.

A-Z of Countries → Greece

Capital: Athens.
Location: Europe.
Population: 11,280,000.

A-Z of Countries → Great Britain (Wales)

Capital: Cardiff.
Location: Europe.
Population: 3,063,456.

A-Z of Countries → Great Britain (Scotland)

Capital: Edinburgh.
Location: Europe.
Population: 5,327,700.

A-Z of Countries → Great Britain (England)

Capital: London.
Location: Europe.
Population: 53,012, 456.

12/12 World Cup host cities → Manaus

11/12 World Cup host cities → Natal

10/12 World Cup host cities → Cuiabá